The reinforcing cords inside a tire can also deteriorate and lose strength. How to recognize a winter tire.

Store them away from electric motors, since the ozone produced by electric motors can damage the tire rubber. According to Ministry of Transportation guidelines, drivers are required to use winter tires on … The regulations can be different from region to region. After ten years, the risk of failure goes up sharply.

British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is reminding motorists that “winter weather is just around the corner” and that the province’s winter tire rules come into … Alpine symbol (three peak Mountain and Snowflake symbol) needed to considered winter tires. M+S: This is the mud and snow symbol on the side of the tire. Insurance companies now offer discounts for those who have winter tires on their car during winter months. This has a 3-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol on the tire. More information on road safety and winter driving in Alberta can be found at the Government of Alberta's website . As rubber ages, it loses elasticity, hardens and can become brittle. It is also the best winter tires for traction on snow and ice, and in cold weather. All-season tires: are not the same as winter tires; can start to lose grip at 7 o C; Studded tires:

If you don't install four winter tires on your vehicle and get caught the fines are hefty too, ranging from $200 to $300. This increases the risk of a sudden tire failure the older the tire gets. Winter tires are not mandatory in Alberta, however more drivers here appear to be using them. Nevertheless it is highly recommendable to use them if you drive in the northern states in the winter time (see map). Who Is Affected by the Quebec Winter Tire Law? It's estimated that 4.5 million vehicles are affected by the law annually as all passenger vehicles, taxis, and rental cars registered in Quebec must be equipped with winter tires. Butcher also said there are viable all-season tires for those who don't want to switch their tires, but said they don't compare to an ideal winter tire. Winter tires should be placed in a cool, dark, and dry indoor location. The easiest way to know a tire has been designed specifically for severe snow conditions is to look for the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol right on the tire. All-season and studded tires. They are not mandatory on Highway 16 in Alberta. Tires do not last forever, even if the tread shows little visible wear. Now that winter tires have been mandatory for a decade, what has Quebec learned from this law? On the heels of record-breaking snowfall in Alberta, and a taste of the white stuff here in BC over the weekend, the provincial government is advising drivers that winter tires are mandatory for those travelling on most of BC’s highways, starting this Tuesday, October 1, 2019.. What is the law?

Legislation for Snow Tires in the USA.

It needs to be mentioned that the use of winter tires is mandated by LAW in all Canadian National Parks from Nov. 1st to March 31st….it is not simply recommended, but compulsory. In the US there is no overlapping regulation for all its states which could force you to use winter tires in the winter time. These tires offer better traction than summer tires. Studded Tires: Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan and the Yukon have no timeframe restrictions on studded tires.