Of course, from these, literally hundreds of daughter sauces can be made. For … Some are mother sauces like bechamel and espagnole, while others like BBQ sauce and sweet and sour sauce are regional favourites. First up are Auguste Escoffier’s five mother sauces of French cuisine, namely hollandaise, béchamel, sauce tomate, sauce Espagnole and velouté. And if you want to delve further, read-up on the science of sauces and sauce reduction. How to Make Great Sauces Give routine dinners an upgrade with one of our simple sauce recipes. Each one offers a unique flavour profile and anyone can make … Butter, cream, egg yolk and two kinds of cheese are cooked together with a dash of freshly ground nutmeg to make a luxurious, classic Alfredo sauce. The video above from Everoneitalian.com shows you how easy it is to make. Mix 2 sticks of butter with about a cup and a half of flour to make the roux, and then add 3 cups of chicken stock. When it comes to the classics there are 12 basic sauces beloved around the world. She starts ladling the sauce into a 13” x 9” glass baking pan. She tilts the pan so the sauce coats the whole bottom. Learn the basic techniques, and you can whip up rémoulade or béchamel any weeknight. Buy a whole nutmeg and grate only as … Switching back to the red sauce, she adds salt and beef broth.