Diesel Smog Check

Diesel Smog Check : Huntington Beach

New Diesel Smog Program beginning Jan. 1, 2009 for 1998 & Newer Diesel Vehicles

The new diesel smog test will apply to all 1998 and newer diesel powered vehicles under 14,000 GVWR. Diesel testing is implemented as a biennial program similar to the regular smog check program.

At Just Smogs we have been smog checking Huntington Beach and surrounding areas for 10 years. We will continue to keep the most up-to-date equipment and procedures to insure fast, efficient, and reliable testing.

Diesel Inspection Procedure:

  1. Visual Test
  2. OBD II Test
  3. Visible Smoke Test

Visual Check:

  1. Crankcase Depression Regulator CDR) or Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV)
  2. Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
  3. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  4. Nox Absorber
  5. EGR
  6. Fuel Injection
  7. Temperature and Pressure Sensors
  8. Wiring of Sensors/Switches/Computers
  9. Vacuum Line Connections to Sensor/Switches
  10. Other Diesel Emission-Related Components: Turbo/Supercharger, Exhaust/Intake, etc.

OBD II Check:

  1. “Check Engine Light” (MIL) is Operational
  2. MIL on/off
  3. OBD Readiness Status Codes

Visible Smoke Test:

  1. Idle Test
  2. Idle Crankcase (CDR/PCV) Test
  3. Snap Test

Diesel Monitors

As of 2019, Your diesel vehicle can pass with some incomplete monitors….

On model years 1998 to 2006 ALL OBD II Monitors Must Be Complete. Model year 2007 and newer diesels can pass with as many as two (2) Incomplete monitors.

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