Real Customer Reviews

Customer Testimonials (2000-2017)

You were just great! Happy smiling face. A pleasant experience! And loved the music. Thank you for making my day.

– Linda Cooke

Thanks Danny, Both cars passed, see you soon. Well at least by next year! I recommend all my friends and associates. Thanks again

– Noel Garvin

You guys were great! Nice – polite Thank you for awesome service. And yes I will definitely refer business to you. thanks again for helping me out under such short notice.

– Renee Navarijo

Very clean environment, very fast and easy going, thanks guys.

– Jerry Barela

I will bring all of our family cars here. Very nice + professional.

– Karen Grinder

The shop was clean & the mechanic was very nice& polite and my car was out in a timely manner. I was very impressed.

Have used the services of Just Smogs several times and have always found the employees to be friendly and efficient – keep appointments on time. Would (and have done so) recommend Just Smogs.
– Nancy Stark

Great experience! Fast & efficient! Friendly too!

– Patricia Cacho-Negrete

Awesomely enthusiactic crew! Just Smogs was the Sonny to my Cher as far as smog test experiences go. THANK YOU, Sincerely,

– Mahea Hookano