Diesel Smog Check in Huntington Beach (STAR Certified)

Give me forty acres and I’ll turn this rig around

Smoking ExhaustThere was a time when driving a diesel powered vehicle in the United States meant air horns, CB radios, and trucker songs.

The few diesel powered passenger vehicles made an awful racket and belched smoke.  Even luxury diesels may as well have come from the factory equipped with ear protection and a soot blackened rear bumper.

Much has changed

BMW 328d EngineToday’s diesel powered vehicles run so smooth that in many cases they make far less noise than their direct injected gasoline powered counterparts.

Thanks to low sulfur clean burning fuel and advanced emissions control systems that include urea injections designed to purify the exhaust stream, today’s diesels have little in common with yesterday’s rolling smog machines.

Diesel powered vehicles are no longer just for hauling boats, trailers and farm equipment.

Whether you’re looking for something sporty, luxurious, a sports utility vehicle or a blend of all of the above, manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, VW, and Land Rover are sure to have what you’re looking for.

Diesel Smog Inspections

Red Mercedes GLESince 2010, diesel powered vehicles have been required to undergo smog inspections in the State of California.

Although there is no tailpipe component to the diesel smog inspection (In other words, we don’t measure exhaust gasses coming out of the tailpipe), diesel vehicles are required to pass a comprehensive visual and functional inspection.

During the visual smog inspection an inspector will ensure that all diesel engine emissions related components are properly installed and in good repair. In addition, an inspector will ensure that aftermarket parts have are approved for sale and use in by the California Air Resource Board.

The vehicle’s On Board Diagnostic System (OBDII) will be checked for active diagnostic trouble codes (That would command the “check engine/service engine” light on, and will also be checked to ensure that on board diagnostic tests have been run to completion.

Where can I get a smog inspection for my diesel?

It doesn’t matter if you need a smog inspection for your Ram 3500, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen TDI, or BMW 325d, the professionals at Just Smogs® in Huntington Beach guarantee fast friendly service.  Click here to make an appointment, or call us at (714) 596-1019.





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