Hybrids in Huntington Beach

Toyota Prius on the beach near Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Hybrids at Just Smogs

Nobody performs more hybrid smog inspections in Huntington Beach than the dedicated ASE certified smog technicians at Just Smogs®.

It doesn’t matter if you drive a Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Ford Escape, Mercedes E-Class, or any other brand of Hybrid, the dedicated smog technicians at Just Smogs® in Huntington Beach will deliver your hybrid smog check fast while you relax in our clean and comfortable waiting room.  Just don’t get too comfortable because at Just Smogs® hybrid smog checks fast really does mean smog checks fast!

Smog Check: Toyota Prius Hybrid (STAR Certified)


This 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid passed its change-of-ownership smog check inspection today at JUST SMOGS® in Huntington Beach. Hybrid emission inspections are essentially the same as most 2000 and newer gasoline powered vehicles.

The inspections consists of a comprehensive visual inspection of the emission systems as well as an OBD computer scan.